My wp-admin link takes me to my blogger website instead of my wp admin page

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My .net URL directs to my Blogger site, so I'm sure this is the problem, I'm just not sure how to fix it. The .net URL is on all my business cards, etc. so I don't want to disable while i'm building my new site on wordpress. Is there another way around this?

I just bought my wordpress hosting package and a theme (from WooThemes) and have not been able to get in to my admin page at all yet.
Hello Cheryl, I do not know what URL you're trying to use, so it's difficult to answer your question. If you were trying to use:, then that URL is NOT pointed to our hosting service here at InMotion. You will need to review documentation with Blogger on how to correctly point the domain to be able use a different one. Additionally, in regards to your Wordpress site - are you using the SAME URL? If so, you'll need to change it in order to work on it. You can use the temp URL- Wordpress is basically LIVE once you put it on a server and it normally is developed with the URL. However, there are ways around this. I'll give you some links at the end of this post addressing the issue. Here's the documentation from Blogger to use a specific domain name: Blogger-How to use domain name for blogger site We can't really help you with that at the moment, since your domain name is still under the control of GoDaddy, it appears. Here's the article that we have on using the temp URL for developing the Wordpress site: Installing Wordpress using Your Temporary URL The reason you can't get into the ADMIN is probably due to how you installed it - based on a domain name not pointed to us. By the way, your temporary URL is: If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.