FTP problems

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Just in the past few days I have begun to have problems with ftp to the server. The website has been up for a couple of years and never had any real issues before. I use WebPlus to build pages and it has sporadic problems with ftp of page files. I had been using an app called Virtual Weather Station to upload images to my website, www.dansdockweather.com. That app now shows system socket errors when it attempts to upload files. Connection is made to server but cpanel file manager shows only 536KB per image when images are 12-40 KB in size. I tried to use FileZilla to ftp files and they end up showing 0KB. I tried using Fling ftp client and the files all show up at about 1KB and only paint a small portion of the top left corner of each image on the webpages. I tried to upload the files from cpanel file manager and I get "Unknown error or disk quota exceeded" My plan is supposed to have unlimited storage and BW. Can anyone help?
Hello Grandan,

I tested image files using Filezilla without issue. I did create a test FTP account to do it from, however. I can see the images you are speaking of and can see the same, upper left corner only.

The error you received may indeed be disk space, but from the server disk itself and not from your account. I checked that as well and that looks fine also. If there was an issue with the space, it has been corrected as there is plenty left on the server disk. That error is also a very prevalent issue with Internet Explorer working with cpanel. If you were using that browser, I would suggest possibly Firefox or another browser.

Without any more specific information, I am unable to duplicate the error for troubleshooting. If you wish, you can certainly send in specific information to [email protected] (ftp account login/password, and can attach one or more of the images that failed to upload) so we can test it with information and methods as close as possible to yours. As we do not actively monitor that email address, be sure to leave a comment below so we know the information was sent.

If you have any more questions or information specific to the issue please leave a comment below so we can further assist you.

Best Regards,
Scott M