Why doesn't my FormMail work anymore?

  • Answered
A page that uses your FormMail program recently (as of 6/2/12) started giving me this error:
The system administrator has disabled this script.

I did not disable it, so I'm wondering what's going on. I can certainly write my own script but I don't really have the time and this one served my needs. What happened?
Hello Kleeh,

Our Tier 2 team took a look at the scripts and your WHM (Web Host manager) after confirming the issue. There is a Tweak Settings section in your WHM that had a specific setting that may have inadvertently been turned off. The setting is labeled "Enable FormMail-clone CGI" under the Software category and was set to Off by default. The Tier 2 set it to On and the FormMail is now working as it should.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions or information specific to the issue please leave a comment below so we can further assist you.

Best Regards,
Scott M