How do I swap domain names for two sites?

  • Answered
I have two different websites with two different domain names. Want to switch the domain names of the sites, so that site A would have Site B's domain name and visa versa.
Hello Karim, Swapping domain names is something you can certainly do. If they are both addon domains, you can simply change the document roots of both domains from within the cpanel. You will want to go log into the cpanel, then find the Addon domain tool under the Domains category. Once here, you will see the list of addons at the bottom of the screen. In the document root column, there is an icon that looks like a pencil and paper, click that to change the document root for the addons. If you have one addon and the other is the primary domain name, you will want to enlist the help of our support department. You will need to have a Primary Domain Name change. You will first want to request a Primary Domain Name change email form from our support department. You can do that via email at [email protected]. Then you want to remove the addon domain from the list in the cpanel. You will not lose any files, but it will take the site down for the time it takes to complete the steps. After you have done that, respond to the email form sent by the support department. They will switch the domains out for you and the former addon will become your primary. Then you can add the former primary as an addon and change the document root for it as described above. It sounds like a lot, but it really very simple. I hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions on the issue please leave a comment below. Thanks! - Scott M