Wordpress installation error, mysql connect access denied

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The error:

Install WordPress (2/3)

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'lightm5'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /tmp/cpanel_phpengine.1337032101.26474XcttiiVD2Z on line 1617

Access denied for user 'lightm5'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

Why? And how can I fix this?

Hello durija,

The error that you are seeing may be the result of either a password that is not synchronized or due to a problem with the Cpanel user or files. If you have not tried resetting your password in the Account Management Panel (AMP) and Cpanel, please reset it for your Cpanel in both locations. If the problem continues, please contact technical support so that they may reset your password for you. They can also take care of the issue it requires continued support if the problem persists even after resetting the Cpanel password.

Email: [email protected] - 24/7
Chat: Live Chat Support 24/7/365
Telephone Support: 888-321-4678 x2 or 757-416-6575 x2 - 24/7

Note that the Cpanel password (based on user lightm5) also affects your FTP, database, and Builder logins. If they're out of sync, then you will not be able to get into one or more of those applications.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.