Add-On Domain Redirects To The Full Path Name

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I have one add-on domain (out of ten) that, when visited, goes to the proper place, but shows the full path as the URL. In other words, surfing to goes to my site just fine, but converts (redirects?) the URL to, where it should be Note that is the main domain of my InMotion account.

The add-on domain's nameserver is set to InMotion's DNSs (i.e: NS.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM and NS2.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM). In my InMotion CPanel, I have set the Document Root for to /public_html/argos (which is the folder containing the website). There is no redirection set.

One trick I have learned from the InMotion Tech Support when add-on domains do not work (seems like a problem for them), is to remove the add-on domain and re-add it. Doing this has helped not.

The .htaccess contained in /public_html contains nothing but comments.

Here's the kicker: I have nine other add-on domains set up the same way that work primo (e.g.: surf to, and you end up at All add-on domains work perfectly except

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Hello Doug, Thank you for your question about your Addon domain. I've double checked the .htaccess files you mentioned, and have determined that this is not being caused by a server redirect. I tested this by creating a blank .html file named test.html in your Addon domain's directory and then navigating to that file ( without being redirected. From the way the URL is changing in the address bar and the other links are appearing on the home page, this appears to be the Site URL setting within the software you are using to create the site. While I'm not familiar with the e107 software, I did find this information about changing the Site URL (Admin Area > Settings > Preferences > Site_Information): Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need further assistance. Regards, Christi N.