How do I create an FTP account for an add-on domain?

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I redirected a domain the i allready own to my InMotion account and then added it as a "addon" domain. When I try to create an ftp account in the cPanel I'm only given the option of using the original domain tied to the account. I have the "power" business class account and it says I can host up to 6 sites on my single account. This "addon" process seems to be a piggyback on creating subdomains on the original domain. as an example...
I have
then I "addon",
I want to create an ftp "[email protected]"
not "[email protected]/MyOldWebsite"
Is that posible?


Tim S.
Hi jdhughen,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you today. In a shared hosting environment, you have one cPanel account. When you create an add-on domain to that cPanel, it creates a folder in your main public_html folder to act as the root folder for that new domain. It is not a subdomain and functions as a completely separate website from your main domain.

When you create an add-on domain, an FTP account is automatically created for the new add-on domain. The document root is set up so that new FTP account cannot access anything but the root folder for the add-on.

I have reviewed your account and in cPanel, I do see the FTP account created for you add-on domain. If you want to create another FTP account you may do that as well. However, it will use your primary domain in it.

I hope this helps! If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S