Forcing a refresh so that website visitors are seeing current content and not cahced version

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I've tried all the standard HTML tricks to try to get a website visitor's browser to refresh every time they visit my site, but it isn't always working. Some visitors are seeing older cached versions of the site and not the most recent updates. Is there a server-side code solution I can implement to make this 100%? 

Arnel C
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Hello anonymous,

If you turn off caching(if you have caching on your website), then presumably all your NEW visitors will need to request the most current page of your site.  You can also set your pages to expire if you're using caching software on your site. Previous visitors who have cached your site on their browsers recently will load the old version unless they flush their browser cache.   You can find out more in this article.  

Also, keep in mind that forcing ALL of your visitors to skip using a cached page and load the page from the server is not good for your server.  It will cause an excess in resource usage, especially of many people are accessing your site at one time.

My recommendation is to look into a caching plugin that can help you determine when your cached pages expire and force a refresh of the newest pages. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.