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I have watched many videos on Attributes and Variations...  Most use the example of Color, Size and Style.  I have a website with art pieces.  One piece could have the following variations...

Original Art - Sz 16 x 20

Prints - Sz 16 x 20 | 12 x 16 | 11x 14 | 8 x 10

Merchandise - Mug | Calendar | Puzzle

I would like to have one product and have three dropdowns where the customer can choose one of three categories or maybe an original piece, a print and a mug.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to do this.  I did do it by using custom attributes and variations for each piece, but now am being asked to do a BOGO sale and can only make this work with "Global" attributes.  

Any help would be so much appreciated,

Thank you!

John-Paul B
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Thank you for contacting us about doing a BOGO sale with a product that has custom attributes. It's difficult to say without access to your site and viewing specifically how the custom attributes are set up, but since you are having trouble doing this manually you may want to consider using the Buy One Get One Free extension for WooCommerce. I checked and it specifically says that product variations are supported, they also provide help desk support for people that purchase this extension.

Thank you,