How can I update Wordpress when auto update is blocked and my wp-admin panel insists that an outdated version is current? The problem is not found in the wp-config.php file.

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My website is currently running on WordPress v 5.2.4.

I migrated a WordPress website over to InMotionHosting from a small locally owned hosting service not long after Wordpress released version 5.0. That former hosting service had disabled automatic WordPress version updates because their experts felt that the new editor would frustrate their customers. Apparently they used a non-recommended method to disable updates, as there's nothing in my wp-config.php file that blocks updates. I have no clue what they changed. I do not wish to contact the former hosting service.

After migrating to an InMotionHosting managed WordPress plan, I've been unable to update WordPress versions without asking tech support to do it for me. They did it twice for me already, but now WP v 5.3 is available.

My admin dashboard falsely states that v5.2.4 is the latest version of WordPress, so no manual update buttons are displayed on my admin screen.

I've contacted tech support about this problem 3 times and the latest response is that the problem is outside the scope of their services, although the technician who helped me went beyond the call of duty and unsuccessfully tried to help me find the problem.

I've tried reconfiguring wp-config.php but apparently that is not the source of the problem.

The only clue has come from a site security scan that states that a plugin is blocking version-checker, but the file where that block sits is not identified.

I tried disabling all installed plugins from the admin screen. That did not solve the issue.

I created a subdomain to see if I can install a clean WordPress installation and perhaps copy clean WordPress files onto the main site. I don't know which files I need to leave untouched. I also wonder if it is unwise to attempt to install WP 5.3 on a subdomain when the main site is stuck in version 5.2.4.

I am not a developer. I'm just a person with a website that needs to be updated.

I can ask tech support to do this for me every time WordPress issues a release, but I'd rather fix the problem so WordPress can update automatically.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Hi imcoping, 

I'm sorry you're having issues updating your WordPress site automatically. There are a few options you can try:

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