How to Add Social Media Icon into BoldGrid?

Thje Duib Dei 1 year ago in Blogs and Content Management Systems / WordPress 0
In BOLDGRID How do we add a new into the social media icon to show up in the social media menu?

there is no place for it in In BOLDGRID
Hello Thje Duib Dei, Thanks for your question about adding social icons into BoldGrid. Currently, the first way to put in a social media platform that is recognized by BoldGrid is to install a brand new Inspiration. When you add your contact information you will see the option to add the social media option there. If you're using a social media platform not recognized in the list, then you would need to add it as a custom menu link. The icon cannot be currently added as a graphic using the existing functionality. Here's a list of the 33 recognized social media platforms (Note: email is part of list): facebook.com twitter.com vk.com bitbucket.org codepen.io dribbble.com dropbox.com flickr.com foursquare.com github.com gratipay.com instagram.com jsfiddle.net linkedin.com user@domain.com pinterest.com plus.google.com renren.com reddit.com snapchat.com trello.com tumblr.com twitch.tv weibo.com wordpress.com xing.com yelp.com youtube.com slideshare.net stackoverflow.com stackexchange.com soundcloud.com steamcommunity.com vimeo.com vine.co If you're already working in an installed installation and you didn't add the social media option during the Inspiration installation, then you can go Menus (in the Customizer). Click on Social Media menu and then add a custom link. If the URL is recognized, then the social media icon will appear in the menu. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.