Hummingbird Plugin - Gzip compression

  • Answered
Hi, I would like to know if hummingbird is a reliable plugin to allow quicker load times of my website pages.
Secondly, In the settings in Gzip compression, how could I know which server I should choose?

Many thanks,
Hello 10_ray, Thanks for your question about Gzip compression using the Hummingbird plugin. As Hummingbird is a third party plugin and we don't just load plugins into anyone's website, you will need to try it out and see if it's better for you. Websites vary, so trying to determine if it's better for one or another would be difficult without loading it on those websites. As for the server setting, it should be the server where your site is being served from. If you are an InMotion customer you can go into your Account Management Panel (AMP) and see your server information. If you're still unsure of that, then contact our live technical support team for further clarification. If you're not already using it, cPanel includes gzip compression that is not a plugin to your WordPress site (Hummingbird is a WordPress plugin). We have documentation for it here if you need it. As it's not a plugin, it may run quicker for you website. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.