301 Redirects Not Working

  • Answered
Hi, I've redesigned my website and I'm trying to set up a few redirects and they're not functioning. I'm doing it through cPanel, so I don't think I'm screwing up anything. I'm trying to get harrydahlstrom.com/freestuff to redirect to http://dahlstromco.com/harrys-blog, plus a few others and it's just not working. Any thoughts?
Hello Jdahlstrom68, Sorry for the problems with the redirect from harrydahlstrom.com/freestuff to http://dahlstromco.com/harrys-blog. Redirects are written to the .htaccess file. If there is a redirect that precedes the one that you have created, then it may be overwriting the redirect that you have created. First try removing and then re-adding the redirects. Make sure to clear your browser cache when you go back to test. If the problem recurs, then check your .htaccess file to see if something is there that may be interfering with your current redirects. You can check this by first removing your redirects in cPanel and then using the cPanel File Manager to find the .htaccess file that applies to your site. You can use the edit option in File Manager to review the .htaccess file and see if there is another redirect that is causing the problem. You can see the redirects appear when adding them in cPanel and then viewing the .htaccess file. You can see a sample of how a 301 redirect may appear in this tutorial. The .htaccess file is read from top to bottom with the top directives being run first. If there is a re-direct there, then it may be interfering with what you have added through the cPanel. If you require further assistance, then you can also contact our live technical support team to review your site for the redirects issue. Regards, Arnel C.