Strange https redirect happening

  • Answered
I have a client here on an inMotion shared-server. The site is an ordinary http site (no SSL cert). (

I've noticed that if I try to access the site by typing into my browser (FF), I get the Firefox "This is not a secure connection" message, as I would expect to.

However, if I then click the "Advanced" button to add an exception, I can see that I'll then be redirected to a totally different site -! I looked up johnnyplaid and it's an inMotion hosted website and is on Cloudflare.

What's going on here?
Hello, Thanks for submitting a question about a strange https redirect. It is possible that an SSL for another account was misconfigured. Or, the browser is finding other domains associated with that server. Either way, this is likely not going to affect your client's account, but feel free to contact our Live Support team to report the issue. They will be happy to verify your account and check to make sure that everything is normal. Best, Christopher M.