Error message when trying to install WordPress or BoldGrid

  • Answered
I have tried several times to install WordPress and BoldGrid through the cPanel interface, but get the following error message: "The maximum number of databases you can create has been reached, so installation cannot proceed."
What exactly does this mean and how can I get past it? Thanks
Hello Nweber, Sorry for the issue with the Maximum number databases error message when trying to install WordPress. This is typically due to the fact that your hosting account type has a limited number of MySQL databases that it can create. You can see the number of databases that your account can create on this page if you are using a Business Account type. If you want to see the databases installed on your account you can log into your cPanel and then go to the MySQL databases option. You will need to upgrade your account to the next level up in order to add more databases to your account type. Or, you can delete an existing database if you are not using it for another application or website. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.