Unable to AddOn Domain

  • Answered
I followed the instructions in the document: Adding an Add-on Domain in cPanel. I was able to add the .net Add-On Domain for my domain following these instructions. When I go to add the .org or .biz, I get the error message, "Hook specificed for execution is not executable." I received that error message with the .net domain but .net domain was created anyway. I waited for quite awhile before contact support.

Side note: The typo from the error message came from copying and pasting, not typing.
Hello AWAPublishingMaster, Thank you for submitting a question about creating addon domains. I'm glad to hear the addons were created anyway. Sometimes an error can generate if the additional addons do not use a different subdomain, but this appears to be a different error. cPanel uses many scripts to execute backend commands. This error indicates that one of the scripts was not executable. This would be an area that requires root level privilege to address, and it was likely a temporary error. If you are still seeing the error, I advise reporting it to Live Support, so they may track it. Best, Christopher M.