Why is all my MacBook mail marked "Read" whether I have read it or not?

  • Answered
I just changed from POP to IMAP on my MacBook. iPhone and iPad are still POP. The laptop is running Sierra ver 10.12.6 and the Mac Mail client is ver 10.3. Every email on my laptop is getting marked "Read" whether I have looked at it there or not. I understand why this is happening (because my phone's and pad's pulling down the email gets counted as a read) but can't figure out how to fix it. I have looked and looked and can't find any settings to leave them marked Unread. Please help!

Thanks for asking about the configuration of your email clients. IMAP was designed for synchronizing email across multiple devices. Alternatively, POP was designed for maintaining email messages from one static location. Using both protocols will cause the exact behavior you are describing (incorrect "read" statuses across different devices). This can not be avoided. Unfortunately, you will need to simply cease using POP connections, if you choose to use IMAP on another device. I understand that can be frustrating but the implementation of 2 different protocols is not supported. I hope this helps!

Carlos E