How will removing BoldGrid affect my WordPress site?

  • Answered
I am having issues with BoldGrid and am considering removing it. I am a WP novice and have a WordPress site. I am concerned about what will happen to my site when BoldGrid is removed. Has anyone done this before? Is it likely that I will have to do a lot of repairing, rebuilding and the like? Thanks in advance for any info you all can provide on what I can expect from removing BoldGrid.

Sorry that you're having issues with BoldGrid. If there is anything that we can help you with (concerning BoldGrid), please let us know. The main issue is if you're using a BoldGrid theme for your WordPress site. If you are, then removing the plugin will also remove the theme. It will revert to a base WordPress theme or one that you have loaded in your Themes section. BoldGrid isn't just one plugin, it's a combination of up to 6. You can easily deactivate them in the Plugins section. Again, if you're using any part of the BoldGrid plugin for your site, then removing it will also remove the functionality or theme that may have been part of BoldGrid. Removing it will not affect the basic WordPress functionality. So, in terms of rebuilding, you would just need to replace any part that was previously using BoldGrid to build your site. For example, if you used a form from a BoldGrid theme, then you would need to replace that form.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.