Reading settings missing from WordPress menu

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When I expand Settings in the WordPress admin menu, there is no Reading setting displayed. I was able to get to the Reading Settings page by appending /wp-admin/options-reading.php to my site URL in the address bar, but I'm pretty sure this should show up in the menu.

Please let me know if this issue would be better addressed to WordPress support. Thanks.

Hello Nocloset,

Sorry for the issue with the missing reading settings from the WordPress Admin menu . If they were missing then either a plugin or theme would have caused the menu to be displaced. Obviously, it's still working as you're able to get to the page. However, something is affecting the normal functionality of the site. If you are using the version of WordPress (for a standalone WordPress site) then you will need to re-load the site or find an update from the plugin or theme developer to fix the problem. If you're running on a site (where WordPress hosts the site), then you may need to seek WordPress support directly.

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know!

Arnel C.