Configuring settings need updating

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Hey! I am trying to download a theme and its not working, they have sent me this:

''Before running one click installer Please make sure your server has the following standard technologies installed.

PHP 5.6+
MySQL 5.6+
The mod_rewrite Apache module

Please check these parameters also

PHP Post Max Size should be 128MB and
PHP Time Limit should be 300

after updating these parameter you will be able to use one-click installer''

I don't even know what that means? But can you configure this for me? or tell me what to do!

Hello, Sorry for the issue with uploading your theme. The settings on the server meet all of these requirements. You can see the PHP version (and switch version - if necessary) by simply logging into your cPanel and then looking for the PHP Configuration option ( How to Switch your PHP version). However, you may need to adjust the PHP Post Max size and Php time limit. You can see how to make changes in your PHP.INI file by following this article. Once you have the PHP.INI file open for editing, search for "Post max size" and "php time limit'. You can then change those settings. If you can't find your PHP.INI file, use the PHP Switcher (from the first article I linked) and click on the update button illustrated in step 3 of the article. It will automatically make sure that you have the PHP version you have selected and also generate a PHP.INI file in your root folder (under PUBLIC_HTML). I hope that helps to answer your question and resolve your problem! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.