theme will not download

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I purchased a themeRex Windsor apt theme and the installer is unable to install it. He has tried several times and I have talked to support many times. They have even gone into the author's notes on the themes and say all configurations are above the required amounts. Please advise asap....I have a client that I may lose their account as it has been four days of back and forth. My installer tried again and keeps getting the following message:

dedalxApr 14 2017, 1:35 pm
They does not fixed anything. You still have the same issue. As I described before PHP.ini settings does not have any relations to this error, because error comes not after max_execution_time timeout, it comes IMMEDIATELY after 1 second from start. This means that something on hosting does not configured properly and some theme function for import (or wordpress function) return fatal server error.

dedalxApr 14 2017, 1:36 pm
Screenshot with POST request details -
Hello, Thank you for your question about unsuccessful theme download. What steps are you taking to try and install the theme? Do you have a copy of the theme uploaded to your account? What does the PHP error log say regarding this issue? Gratefully, Casey B.