confused about dedicated IP

  • Answered
bought dedicated IP for my account but its looks like that nameservers are using different IP then dedicated one.
its shows thats nameservers IPs are shared and have more then 50 websites hosted ..
Hello waqascheema, Thanks for the question about the dedicated IP address. The name servers are used to tell the internet where the authoritative DNS is located. So, although you have a dedicated IP address assigned to your domain name, there needs to be some way for the internet to know how to do determine where the official address information is located for your website. One way to understand it is to ask yourself this question, "How does my internet browser know where to get the official address information for a website URL?" All websites are assigned an address so that they can be found on the internet. This information is stored in the DNS information for the website. The authoritative DNS definition means that the name servers assigned to the domain name indicate that any address information requested for your site should be coming from the servers where you have pointed your domain name, instead of coming from another DNS server. I hope that helps to make sense of it. The domain name server system was created to provide an orderly way for DNS information to be stored, updated and accessed so that websites can be found. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.