Don't want Background Image to Repeat

  • Answered
I am using the "Hifidel" template (Boldgrid/Wordpress) and I am trying to use an image (downloaded photo) only on the home page, but it repeats on every page I create. The "repeat background image..." box is NOT checked in the "site and title logo" section, and can't figure out how to only get the image for the front page (I want normal white background for all others). Is this possible in this template?

Response I received: "Thank you for your question about making and image only exist on your Home page. If you're using WordPress, you can do this by going to the Pages link on the left-hand side of your WordPress Dashboard, and editing the page you have set as your Home page."

However, I don't see where I have an option from my pages link to upload a photo for my background image on that page? I'm logged into Boldgrid, and in the Dashboard section where it displays the pages, etc. on the left side. Is the Boldgrid dashboard different from the WordPress dashboard?
Hello ryanhartnett,

Thank you for your question about not wanting a background image to 'repeat' on every page. I'm sorry for the confusion on your previous question, but I believe that I understand now. Please know that the background repeat setting that you are seeing available in the Customizer is for the background image to repeat more than once, or 'tile'. At this time BoldGrid does not support different background images for individual pages.

Casey B.