wordpress.org log in troubles

  • Answered
OK yesterday I installed wordpress.org and it worked fine. I was making the website for my portfolio so I did not get a domain name or host. So, when I got tired of working on it I saved it as a draft. Now today when I went to work on it again I cannot login. I type my username & password in and it says that I entered the wrong password for the username. I click on lost password & type in my username, but I do not receive the confirmation email. When I type my email address in it says there is no user registered with that email. Anyways, is there a way I can get into my account although I did not register for a domain name and cannot access it thru c-panel.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having log in troubles with WordPress. WordPress.org is where you download WordPress to be hosted on a server with a hosting company. WordPress.com is a place where you can host a WordPress site directly on their servers. If that is the place you are unable to log into, then you will need to contact them for assistance. If you are one of our customers and area having issues logging into your WordPress site with us, then you can contact our Live Support team and then can assist you with figuring out the account specific details. Kindest Regards, Scott M