Has anyone sucessfully installed own cloud so it works with ios app

  • Answered
I have attempted several times to figure out the issue with inmotion support but have not heard of a solution.
I am able to install owncloud via cpanel perfectly fine. But when you download owncloud ios app, and add login credentials to the app so sync with server, upon submission the error message states something like...'cannot connect to server at this time.' It never works.
I have removed owncloud and re installed several times but the ios app is not able to connect.
I have also attempted to install the Mac app on my laptop but this also fails much like the ios app does.
Owncloud support says this is a server host issue and I should have inmotion test with the ios app / and mac app to see what the issue is. Owncloud also states ssl is not needed to connect successfully.

Has anyone using inmotion shared hosting successfully installed owncloud as well as the ios app so everything functions without getting an error?
Hello, Thank you for your question about the ownCloud IOS app. File storage services like ownCloud are a violation of our Terms of Service. Gratefully, Casey B.