Rebuild current website without affecting the live website

  • Answered
I currently have the power plan and have one website up and running using WordPress. However I want to revamp this website a fair bit. For example, I want to change the theme, layout, pages etc. completely, and do this without affecting my website which is live now as it will take a while to redesign. And then when ready, switch the newly designed website to my current domain which is live now. What is the best and easiest way to do this? I do not want to have to register a new domain for this, and of course I do not want to affect the live website during the building of the new site.

Also, in my current WordPress login area, I have all my plugins etc. that I do not want to lose and reinstall all over again. Is there a way to do this or do I have to start from scratch again? Would I have to install another WordPress with new login credentials? Ideally I would like to keep everything as it is now, just be able to redesign the site until ready to switch

Hello Dave, Thank you for your question about creating a development site. You may be able to find a plugin that may help you do something similar, but if not, I would recommend reviewing our articles about how to migrate a WordPress site. You won't be migrating, but these instructions should help you create a copy of your current site, which you can then 'restore' to a new directory, or even a faux domain that you alone access via a host file modification. For example, the faux domain could be something like Finally, I wanted to mention that we do offer a website building plugin system for WordPress that is called BoldGrid that offers this type of functionality built right in. You can check it out at Gratefully, Casey B.