I need to get a 30-digit number to use with Bold Grid..

  • Answered
I have passwords, but the Bold Grid number is not part of them. I have tried calling In Motion Hosting, and On-Line Chat, but neither option is available right now. By the way, what ever happened to In Motion Hosting's excellent customer service?
Hello, Thank you for your question about getting your BoldGrid connect key. You can actually obtain directly in AMP or through your WordPress installation. Check out this guide for further details. If you have not obtained it through hosting, then you can go to the BoldGrid.com website and download it through there. You'll be able to get a free key, but there are limitations to it there. Apologies for the support queue issues! We are working to get our support queues back under control. Our apologies for the long waits. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.