FTP File Limit Increase

  • Answered
I would like to increase the limit of FTP returned files listing from its current 7998 to something over 10K. There is a 2013 document concerning how to do this, but it uses SSH, which I haven't used in 20 years. Is there a way to do this with FileZilla?
Hello Preston, Thanks for your question about increasing the FTP file limit using FTP. Yes, it is possible, but you will need to have root access to your account (VPS/dedicated servers only). You will need to add your IP address to the firewall through WHM. You will also need to access your account using SFTP. You can use the same tutorial for setting SSH to set up the connection for FTP, however, the main difference is that you will. need to create the key in WHM (as opposed to cPanel). You will need the key setup in addition to adding your IP to the firewall. Use the same instructions you saw for editing config file using SSH. The file is in the /etc location. You can find the ETC folder under the root (/) when you login using SFTP. Apologies as there are no articles to edit the file using FTP, but you will need to download the file, edit, then upload it again replacing the existing file. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.