Slug renaming not possible as it says it already exits

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I have a page whose Permalink is

I intend to use the contents of blogs for my blog page, but want it to be named

I am trying to change the slug to just ‘blog’ however it will not let me. I have deleted the slug with 'blog' from active pages but it keeps reappearing so everytime I try to re-name 'blogs' to 'blog' it comes up with 'blog-2'.

Even when I delete 'blog', when I go to to there is a live page.

Please can you let me know how I am able to find / delete this page or change the Permalink on to just

Thank you for your question about renaming the slug for you Blog page. I looked in your WordPress backend in an effort to understand what was happening. However, when I look in your Pages section, I'm seeing both the Blogs page and the Blog page ( These are not default pages that come with the theme, so they would have been added at some point. Since the "blog" page exists, you won't be able to rename a "blogs" page to "blog", if the permalink on the blog page is "". You can delete both or simply delete the blogs page. Just to be clear, are you going into the Settings Menu and then clicking on Permalinks? If so, you will need to decide where the "Blog" description will apply - your page or posts.

I hope this helps to clear it up. If you're still having problems with the issue, please provide the exact steps you're taking so that we can try to duplicate the issue and investigate it further.
If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.