WP Memory Limit and PHP Time Limit

  • Answered
Hi, I am using the Avada theme and in my system status it tells me to set my WP memory to at least 128MB and recommend setting PHP Time Limit max execution time to at least 180 in my config.php file.

Can I do this myself or is it you at technical support that have to do it.

Thank you for your time.

Hello rdizazzo, Thank you for your question on changing the memory limit and php max execution limits. This is something that is done on your account side and not the server. This means it will be done within your WordPress or PHP settings. We recommend you to set these settings for your entire account which you can do in your php.ini file as opposed to the config file. We have an article that shows you how to change your local PHP settings. Below are the settings you will need to change and the values that are recommended. max_execution_time = 180 memory_limit = 128M Kindest Regards, Scott M