Having shared hosting limit problems creating new Prestashop

  • Answered
Cannot use Prestashop admin screen to change default store to customize to my store items without the shared hosting server reaching limits and timing my website out. I cannot even add a catergory without it hitting limits and timing out. Is Prestashop no longer supported on the shared hosting Pro Plan? Very sad that salesperson sold me on 4 years because of servers were supposed to optimized for Prestashop stores and Inmotion is Prestashop recommended hoster. I cannot even setup a store and remove old default category store without timing out and having website down. Is this a known problem with a fix?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Prestashop on your server. We have many customers who run quite large PrestaShop stores on our servers, so the issues you describe are definitely not normal. Are you getting any specific error messages? You may want to try error reporting. If the issue is sever specific, then the Support team may be able to move you to another one so that the issue does not occur. Kindest Regards, Scott M