Problem With Icons And Pages

  • Answered

I changed the nameservers for the domain I bought from godaddy and replaced them with the nameserver info for my reseller account.

It worked; however the homepage is not showing all the correct information.

If you go to the website directly at and look under "Featured Services" the icons are not being displayed properly; however select the " View Showroom" tab and then select the "Pioneer Motors" logo to be redirected to the Homepage. The icons for the "Featured Services" are now being displayed. What is teh problem?

Also the Homepage is however the other pages have the domain. How can I get everything to be

I look forward to hearing from you.

- Tex
Hello Tex, Thank you for contacting us about your icons and pages. This may have happened if the site was developed on the Temporary URL and is now being retrieved on the official top-level domain. The original links to images and pages would have been hard-coded into the database. That is may be why the images are not appearing and the link points back the Temporary URL. You will just need to update the broken image links and continue with your development. Best, Christopher M.