WordPress Web Form Email Delivery

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I'm looking for guidance on how to ensure enquiries via web forms get delivered. I often don't manage the DNS of the sites I host and clients often don't have an email on their domain name. I set the hosting MX to Remote Mail Exchanger, but I'm finding that things seem to change without notice and emails start being seen as spam and not delivered. I find the spam messages in the default webmail account. WordPress automated emails are going in there too for WordFence notifications.
Hello Sullivan,

Sorry for the problems with the WordPress form delivery via email. If you have set the Mx to Remote Mail Exchanger, then mail will not be delivered here. Changes in DNS do take a little time to take effect, so there may be some email initially delivered to the old destination, but anything after 24 hours should be delivered to the newly designated mail server. WordPress messages have to be configured to use either SMTP or PHP mail for delivery. You would need to see how the forms are configured in order to determine how those forms are delivering form data in email.

We would need more information in order to determine what's happening. We would need the domain name involved, form delivery settings and any error messages (if any) in order to investigate the issue further.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.