How do I create another webiste

  • Answered
My primary domain is

Few weeks ago is create another website Both of them shows up on my cpanel, however it looks like i messed up something, as the both the website load very slowly now. Also I am not able to directly access the new website my going to . I have to go to to reach to the new website. Can some help me correclty setup up the second website on my account ?
Hello kapil.nandwana, Thank you for contacting us about the slow websites and the website under the /dir directory. If the sites are slow I recommend doing a ping and trace route test. You can also take a look at GTMetrix so see if there are any modifications that can be made to the site to better optimize the resources. If the website is coming up under the /dir directory it's possible that is where it was installed. I recommend doing a Softaculous clone. This will let you clone the site from the /dir directory onto your primary domain. Best, Christopher M.