Cannot create single ftp

  • Answered
Hi, I have no choice to create FTP account for single domain only?! It goes into the main domain only!? How can I give access into one folder only? Arvixe - norm, you-problems when I desperately need it.
Hello tomas, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your FTP. As for not getting an answer as quick as you expected, the hours of our Question Center are posted on the question page. They are Mon - Fri, 8am EST to 9pm PST. Anything asked outside those times are answered during the next open workday. For your FTP, of course you can assign an FTP to a specific domain. You can select the specific domain you want to assign the FTP account to from the FTP Account creation page. Accounts assigned to any specific addon domain cannot see any other folders above their root folder. This does not apply to the main domain, however, as an account that is assigned to the main domain has access to all folders under it, including the addons, by default. Kindest Regards, Scott M