FTP display limits on the Power plan?

  • Answered
I thought I posted this question but I can't find it now. If this is a duplicate I apologize! I am temporarily hosting a badly designed site until it can be rebuilt the right way. It consists of almost 8k files in the root directory. I can see all the files in the cplan file manager but not all of them in Filezilla or Expression Web's site view (EW is connected via FTP). I assume that the plan I am using has FTP display limits and that's why files that I know are on the server (like index.php) don't show up in EW or Filezilla. Can I get confirmation of that? If that is the case, any suggestions for editing the site other than creating sub-directories? I can definitely create the new directories but grouping 8k worth of files will be a real pita! Thanks!
Hello badunc, Thank you for your question regarding FTP display limits. Yes, there is no upper limit for the number of files that can exist in a folder (typically 8k), but there is a limit to the number of files that will display either in cPanel or when using an FTP account. How you group the files will depend on how your site was built, but you can usually host files in subfolders without any adverse issues. If you are on a VPS/Dedicated server you can increase the FTP visible file limits. Thank you, John-Paul