Deleting email address of former employees

  • Answered
Hi. I'd like to delete a few addresses of employees that no longer work for us. If I do so, are email messages archived anywhere where they can be retrieved, if needed, or does deleting the address effectively remove all correspondence? If you have other advise about what to do about email when employees leave, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding deleting email addresses of former employees. Deleting the email account will also delete any email stored on the server for the account. If you want to retrieve the existing emails stored on the server (before deleting the account), you can do so using an email client such as webmail, or Outlook. If they were using IMAP Changing the Email password or deleting the email account will cause the mail folders (Inbox, Sent, etc.) to be inaccessible to former employees (going forward). Keep in mind if they were using POP to check their email, they may have a copy of old emails stored in their client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.) If you are deleting the email address, you may want to setup an email forwarder to still receive correspondences to the address. Thank you, John-Paul