Browser prompts to download rss php page

  • Answered

I made a custom Wordpress rss feed and my browser wants to download it. It was working fine at first but now I can't seem to get it to work at all. I've read other threads that there might be htaccess issues but I don't see anything wrong with mine. Please help.
Hello Catchpen, Thank you for contacting us about your RSS feed in WordPress. It is possible indeed that this can be solved in .htaccess. After accessing your .htaccess file, look for a line that begins with Addhandler and comment it out. For example, you can put a # as the first character on the line and save the file. These can vary, but it might look something like this: AddHandler php5-script .php And you can comment it out: #AddHandler php5-script .php It is always possible another application on your account was using this line. That's why we have you comment it out instead of deleting it. You may need to keep that line in there depending on how you have your site configured; but if you can make this change and nothing breaks, you should be good. Best, Christopher M.