Wordpress hosted on InMotion doesn't deliver emails anymore

  • Answered
I used to get admin emails and plugin notifications from my Wordpress site until about a few weeks ago. I've tried a bunch of plugins (MailGun, Wordpress SMTP, etc.) to try and fix it but nothing has worked. I don't have much experience with emails so a little help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Hello Manolomartinez36,

Sorry for the problem with WordPress admin emails and notifications not working. In looking at the email server information for the domain, if you were using mail gun, it's still mixed in your MX records. The way it is currently setup, Mail gun mail servers would never have go any emails or been able to send emails because the primary mail server (with a priority of 0) would get all the mail unless it failed. I checked the server and it is definitely working properly. The issue appears to be configuration at this point. You will need to remove the settings changed by your plugins, or set the notification emails to use PHP Mail. If you are set to use SMTP, try those settings again. We would need access to your WordPress admin and information about your mail settings to look further into this issue. If you need for this issue to be handled privately, then please start a support ticket with our live technical support team.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.