Broken links after changing the main Domain

  • Answered
After changing the main URL, all links for images and pages, are broken.
It seems that somewhere there is still some reference to the old url, that can not be found
I installed and run the two plugins 'velvet blues' and 'search and replace', Yet the problem still continue. What will be the best thing to do to solve this problem?
[Site build on WP and host under Inmotion hosting]
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your URL links. I attempted to look at your site and see that it is blocked by a password, so unfortunately I am unable to test it to see what the issue is. You will want to contact the Live Support so you can give them the password for testing. The most we are able to do here is make suggestions as we are unable to make any changes here in the public area. The closest thing we have here in the support forum is our article on correcting image links after a migration. Kindest Regards, Scott M