My WordPress "older posts" button does not work with categories

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I have set my category permalink to "." so as to remove the "/category/" part of the permalinks. The problem is, now "older posts" buttons on category pages are broken. As an example, one category is called "The Daily Herald." See how the "older posts" button doesn't work:

The "older posts" button DOES work on tags (such as the tag "movie features": and the overall general all posts page with no category differentiation (as in

If I make the category permalink something other than "." it fixes the "older posts" buttons, but I don't want to do that because of how I am setting up the permalinks for my site.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello, Thank you for contacting us about the "older posts" button not working after customizing the category permalink. I found a post via online search where they are discussing the method you tried (putting a period '.' for the category) and offer an alternate method. As the article suggests, you may want to try using a 3rd party plugin such as FV Top Level Categories. Thank you, John-Paul