MailPoet on WordPress - cannot send mail

  • Answered
I have been having trouble sending mail through MailPoet, starting at the end of March. I can send test emails from their settings page, but when sending anything else, I get the 'could not instantiate mail function' with PHP and 'could not execute sendmail' when using sendmail. Original settings from early March don't work, and I have tried changing several settings without luck. The MailPoet site suggests contacting the host... has anything changed in the past month or so on the server side that might cause issues with sending mail from a Wordpress plugin? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your MailPoet plugin. I consulted with the System Admins and they say they did not make any changes on the shared servers in March that would have affected the behavior of sendmail. They did suggest to contact Live Support so that the support techs can get the account specific information and check the logs to see what the server is doing.

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Scott M