Can't Resize Header Image in My Nisarg Theme

  • Answered
After talking to several In Motion Hosting tech guys they have suggested I try the Community. I have been trying to reduce a header image in Paint to fit over my components with no success in my website’s theme (Nisarg). I have written the designer who suggested tweaking it in Pixlr. His solution did not work. The block for the header image remains the same, even if the image is reduced in size. All it did was fuzzy up the image's edges (or nothing at all after numerous tries), and the image remains too large to see any of my background image around its edges. The header consumes all of the screen leaving no room for the viewer to see components or background. Visitors cannot tell what they are to do. The said write back if it did not. He has not. I am running out of time and am at wits end over this I need help reducing the size without fuzzying up the image.

This insertion point seems to be a static frame written into
the code preventing any adjustment. Can I change the code to reduce the aspect ratio of this? If I change the zoom on my screen (a desktop) to 80% I get the effect I want, but that shouldn’t necessary for visitors.

One additional question: While we are mucking around with the header, is it possible to move/relocate the Header Text to a different point in the in the header? Where it sits in my header image is important, and it is not visually optimal for it to be centered. Perhaps in reducing the header image I might also be able to reposition the Header Text as well.
Hello Banjo Bill, Thank you for contacting us about resizing your header image. It looks like the size of the heading image can be adjusted in your theme's CSS stylesheet under this element: .site-header { background-size: 1600px auto; } If you decrease that size from 1600px to about 1000px you may need the effect you are hoping for. If you need help resizing the image itself then I recommend using a program like Photoshop, but that is outside of the scope of this forum. Best, Christopher M.