Invalid ZipCode in Prestashop

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I have been experiencing some disgust by my clients complaining that when they update or add a new address in their profile, prestashop keep saying that the format is invalid. I already checked the country zip code configuratio and it is correct NNNNN. On the othe hand, some people sayd that I need to update the theme, but the theam I used is different as the standard default theme. Please help me!! The only solution I have found is that I have to add the address to the cliene profile from the back office, but that can not be done all the time.
Tim S.
Hello yomiyomis,

Thanks for your question regarding the zip code in your Prestashop theme. So, if I understand you correctly, it works with the default theme but does not work with your active theme. If this is the case, I'd suggest reaching out to the theme developers. If you purchased the theme from a third party, they may have an update available. Also, if it's happening within the theme it likely is happening for others using the same theme.

If you have any other questions please feel free to let us know.


Tim S