Prestashop uspscarrier module missing?

  • Answered
I am trying to setup Prestashop for a new online store that may not sell much. I would like to install a cheap (or free) USPS shipping module. The InMotion Support site has a great article "How to configure the USPS Carrier module in PrestaShop 1.5". However, I do not see this module in my PS 1.6 admin site or in the PS Addons Marketplace. Other USPS modules are available, but are priced from $60 to $280. The Ordercup and XPS shipping modules include USPS and are free, but probably charge a monthly fee for the service. Is the free uspscarrier module no longer available? Any advice for a rookie like me? Would I be better off just putting in my own customer shipping, and copy-and-paste the USPS rates on my own? Thanks.

Thank you for contacting us about Prestashop USPS modules and shipping options, etc. As far as picking the best module you should consider the developer, the ratings, and of course the price. Sometimes the developers will have a demo you can try. These factors can help you decide what will work best for you.

Yes, it looks like Ordercup does charge a fee, but I don't have any information about XPS. I advise checking reviews and/or any online video tutorials that demonstrate how those products work before paying for them.

Likewise, configuring your shipments manually with USPS can be fine as well depending on your products' dimensions and volume, etc.

Christopher M.