WP themes, buttons, columns

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I've looked at WP and Joomla (just a little). It seems WP is configured around rectangles, or gridblocks, and there seems to be up to 6 on most themes. Please verify. Online support (:<))) suggests it depends on theme. Suggestions for good themes, Visual editor or WYSIWYG that works, buttons that can pop open to reveal more detail. I have looked at many themes and plugins. I would like a deep replyless blog, with archive per subjects. I think that about wraps it up:<))

Hello crkirkwood, Thank you for your questions on WordPress. Having used both, I like WordPress more for its versatility. Support was correct in that the theme has a lot to do with how many blocks are used at a time and how they are placed. There are thousands of themes and how 'good' or valid they are for your site will vary depending on what you want to display and which features you want to include. WordPress includes a visual editor on each page or post, TinyMCE, I believe. We have our own flavor of WordPress related builder called BoldGrid. It is also free and recently released. It is under constant development so we welcome all kinds of feedback on improving it. If you are interested, you can install it to your WordPress site and give it a try. inmIf you do not like it, you can certainly go with the plethora of other WordPress themes out there. For specific features on your site, WordPress has thousands upon thousands of plugins. Some good, some bad, but that is all relative to the site owner. You can certainly disable replies by default in WordPress and you can view all posts on a category basis, so even basic WordPress has you covered there. Kindest Regards, Scott M