I got ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR with my site

  • Answered
Have just register for a domain and host service in Inmotion. Migrated my site from wordpress.com there. Now problem occur, I cannot access most of the link in my site (5continents4oceans.com). I am using Chrome. Try IE, mobile, didn't work as well. Below is the notification from Chrome

This site can’t provide a secure connection
5continents4oceans.com sent an invalid response.
Hello Ngan Tran, Sorry to hear you are having issues with links in your WordPress site giving the error 'ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR'. It seems that your site may be set up to look at the SSl version (htttps and not http). Since you have no SSL on the account here at the moment, any connection to https version will error out. You will want to change the URL for your WordPress site to not use the https until you are once again set up for it. Kindest Regards, Scott M