want to “allow_url_fopen” to “off” so I can upload custom art

  • Answered
I am using the plugin ultimate social media and am wanting to upload custom art and it is not working. I have the correct size and file type, but when searching on the Ultimate Social Media page they said that the “allow_url_fopen” needs to be turned "on" and that it is most likely turned to "off".
How do i change that?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about setting "allow_url_fopen" to off. You can make this change with a php.ini file. Search for this option: allow_url_fopen = On; And set that "On" value to "Off". You can also change PHP settings on the command line. Once you have made the change you can check your work by opening your phpinfo.php file in your browser. For example: yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php And you should see allow_url_fopen under "Core", set to Off. Best, Christopher M.