Site(s) down and cannot access cpanel

  • Answered

During night I received email, that you finished migration of my sites. There was request to move 4 sites (,,,
three sites work:,, doesnt work?!

And also our main site which worked few hours ago on your servers is not working as well (we receive this message on the site
And also we cant reach our CPANEL anymore?
So I dont know if first 4 sites are moved as well?!

Please assist as soon as possible,
Thank you,
Rok (movis)
Hello Rok,
Sorry to hear you are having issues with your sites after transfer. I see you have been working with our Support Team since you posted here and the domains all seem to be in place except for your main site data. As Support is working with you on all that, I would stay in contact with them as they will have the newest information. Also, we are unable to provide account specifics here in the public area.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M