Make a Groups/email list in the Horde Webmail Client

  • Answered
Can you please tell me how to make a Group in Horde's address book. To send the same email to more than 1 person.

Thanks for the question about creating email lists in the Horde webmail client. Basically, you would first need to have all of the email addresses in an existing address book. These would be the emails that you want to add to the email list. Once you have all of the email addresses in the Address book, in the top menu, click on Address Book > Address Book. Then click on the drop down menu labeled "to a Contact List", and select "Create a new contact list in: Address Book" - if you have multiple address books, you would need to select where the list will be created. You will then see the ADD button and next to it will say ADDRESS BOOK (or the name of the Address book you have selected). Select the addresses that you want to add to the list by clicking on the check boxes. Once you have finished selecting the addresses, click on the button labeled ADD. You will then prompted to name the list. This creates the mailing list that you can then select when creating an email in Horde.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.